Alliance Winding Equipment
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About Us

Alliance Winding Equipment was incorporated in 1986 and the company attracted a team of engineers, machinists and toolmakers with decades of experience in electric motor production machines to fulfill a need in the electric motor and generator industry for more flexible stator, rotor and motor assembly machines systems. We were all aware that most machine manufacturers had become rigid and innovation was needed for improvement.

Alliance Winding Equipment, a part of Khorporate Holdings, Inc. family of technology component and automation companies, remains committed to supplying reliable machines, with the latest technology at reasonable prices.

The Alliance group of companies has continued to grow over the years and we have expanded manufacturing facilities to AWE Newtech in Newark, U.K., SMT Alliance in Suzhou, PR China, Alliance Winding Equipment in Vincenza, Italy and J/V partnerships with Alliance PMF Ltd in Pskov, Russia and Productivity Aids in Pune, India.

JoyalŪ Products Inc. was founded in 1947 and purchased by AWE, Inc. in 2004. JoyalŪ is a world leader in the production of copper magnet wire fusing equipment. Through the years, JoyalŪ has developed many specialized machines in the wire joining, resistance and solid state welding areas. Systems include equipment for Commutator Fusing/Brazing Machines, Lead and/or Magnet Wire Fusing, Stator/Rotor Hairpin Brazing and Bobbin Fusing machines.

All of our machines and systems are built rugged with the highest quality purchased components for reliability and serviceability. We always supply our customers with the detailed drawings on perishable machine parts, perishable toolings, and we identify purchased parts by actual number and manufacturer. We do not use custom electronics or special purchased items that leave our customer with only one source and one price. All of our newest machine designs are complete metric for availability of components and local support worldwide.

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