About Joyal

Lead Fusing

Joyal Products, Inc. was founded in 1947 and was acquired by Alliance Winding Equipment, Inc. in 2004. Joyal is the company and brand that developed the patented fusing technology for magnet wire and has continued to be a leader in the industry while at the forefront of the technology and automation. Joyal has developed many specialized machines in magnet wire diffusion bonding, resistance staking and solid state brazing focuses and offers a full line of equipment including stand alone, rotary and bowl fed machines that can be incorporated into any production environment and be run manually or automatically. Joyal gives your application an unsurpassed connection technology.

  • Wire to Wire
  • Wire to Lead
  • Wire to Terminal
  • Wire to Commutator

All of the equipment will eliminate the enamel preparation and can process copper, aluminum or Litz wire. The Joyal machines offer state-of-the-art controls for speed, repeatability and monitoring of the process that can be accumulated and tracked in an SPC database.

Lead Fusing

Commutator Fusing