About Newtech

AWE Newtech Ltd. has been supplying industrial automation solutions since 1980 and was acquired by Alliance Winding Equipment, Inc. in 2004. AWE Newtech Ltd. is one of the world's leading suppliers of resin impregnation equipment for applying insulating resins and varnishes stators and rotors of electric motors, generators and alternators. Newtech also offers robotic dispensing systems for the automatic application of adhesives, sealants, gasketing materials, encapsulants and potting compounds.

AWE Newtech systems offer unsurpassed energy and resin saving technology to stators, rotors and armatures of electric motors. The machines and systems use directed energy technology, including short wave IR and resistance heating for accurate control and fast curing to improve resin retention and reduce VOC’s. The technology offers servo controlled trickle dispensing and servo controlled roll dip processes to apply the resin where needed and reduce resin waste.

AWE Newtech Ltd. has a solution for any application and volume due to the range of machines, including lab single station machines, high output linear machines and for any production requirement in between.

Resin Impregnation

Motor Stator