Turn Key Systems

Alliance – Joyal – Newtech offers the capabilities for a full line of automation from incoming stator and rotor laminations to the final fasteners in the housing assembly. Alliance has produced and has the experience to supply multiple markets with a quality line for production. This gives all customers one supplier to supply and automate a whole production line to the standards needed for each project.

Start to Finish Production

  • Complete AC Motor and Generator Production (Commercial and Industrial)
  • Concentrated Pole Tip Production (Commercial, Industrial and Automotive)
  • Traction Motors Production (Automotive, Transportation and Off Highway)
  • Complete Rotor – Stator – Motor Production (Automotive, Transportation and Off Highway)
  • Complete Brushless DC / AC Motor Production (Commercial, Industrial and Automotive)

Alliance Winding Equipment, Inc. provides expertise and capabilities throughout development of product and all the way through the final training and production ramp up.

  • R&D Development Service
  • Product Engineering Service
  • Training On-Site
  • Real Time Remote Assistance
  • Local After Sales Support and Spare Parts
  • Scheduled Maintenance Programs
  • Design Consultancy for Further Upgrades and Volume Increase

Alliance Winding Equipment, Inc. offers a system to supply the equipment with interaction throughout the whole process.

  • R&D Pre-Sale Support (Tests, Prototypes, etc.)
  • Sales Support (Continuous interaction to provide a unique proposal)
  • Design Review
  • Project Management (Single point of contact to provide all information)
  • Machine and Product Optimization
  • Pack, Ship and Deliver
  • On-Site Unpacking Support
  • Full Line Install
  • Training
  • Continuous Ramp Up Support
  • Modular Add On as Needed for Volume
  • Supply Spare Parts
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